SoftPerfect RAM Disk : Speeds up PC & extends Hard Disk Life

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SoftPerfect RAM Disk is a free tool that allows you to utilize your computers RAM for creating super-fast virtual drive or virtual disks, it regularly saves the content of your RAM to an image file so you can use it store all kinds of data, not just temporary files.

SoftPerfect RAM Disk allows you to use the spare memory in your PC to speed up its performance and extend your hard drive’s lifespan.

The Concept of taking unused memory and turning it into a lightning fast virtual drive to reduce the wear and tear on your hard disk is nothing new, but using RAM has traditionally had one major drawback: its volatile nature means all data is lost when power is cut, such as when you turn off or restart your PC.

SoftPerfect RAM Disk

However, thanks to SoftPrefect RAM Disk, which solves this problem by storing the content on your RAM disk in an image file, this image file will be updated before you turn off your PC and it will be automatically restored when you turn-on your PC, so that contents on the virtual drive will not be lost.

If your Windows system has enough RAM to spare, you can utilize SoftPerfect RAM Disk to create virtual disks for a speed boost, but don’t use it for extra storage space.

Storing certain applications or content in RAM Disk will function very faster, as RAM performs very much better than conventional hard drive. In these RAM Disk’s you can store browser caches, Portable applications, and program caches.

If your favorite program makes use of temporary folders or caches, check its settings for an option to move these to your RAM disk.

Moving browser caches to RAM disk, you can achieve faster performance, to move Firefox browser cache install the configuration Mania add-on and select ‘Firefox > options > configuration mania > Browser Cache’ to change its location.

For Internet Explorer cache, select ‘Tools > Internet options > Settings‘ under browsing History.Click ‘Move folder’ to select a folder on your RAM disk, then click ‘OK’ twice before logging off when prompted.


Also, portable apps are self-contained, so they’re perfect candidates for switching to your RAM drive if they’re being stored on a slower hard drive.

The app works best with modern PCs with 4GB of RAM or more, but be cautious while using this application as it uses your PC’s memory for creating virtual drives and if there isn’t any enough memory, creating RAM Disk will slow down your PC’s performance.

Overall RAM Disk app from SoftPerfect helps you to harness the unused space in system memory to speed your PC and extends your hard disk life.

Download RAM Disk from developers web page:

Note: The software supports Windows XP through Windows 10, Windows Server 2003 through 2016.

How to Create a RAM drive with this application?

  • First, install SoftPerfect RAM Disk along with the prompted virtual disk driver (KEG Storage controllers).
  • Now launch the app, when the main screen appears, select ‘Image >Create Image’ and click the folder icon to choose where to store this image, next enter a  suitable Nfile name (for instance RAM) and click on ‘ Save’ button.

Note: By clicking on folder icon you’ll need to pick a location on a hard drive partition that has much space for storing RAM disk image.

  • Next, Set size as either 2,048 MB or a maximum of 25 % of your PC’s RAM and in the file system option, you can either choose FAT 32 or NTFS format and click ‘Ok’ to create the image file.

create a ram disk

  • Now on the main screen of the app, click the ‘+’ button and click on the folder icon, then select the image file (.svi) that you created earlier. Next,.56 choose a suitable drive letter, tick ‘Save Contents image’ option to ensure any data stored in your RAM disk is updated when your PC shuts down or restarts.
  • That’s it, click ‘OK’ to mount the drive and use the RAM drive like any other hard drive

browser caches in RAM Disk

  • On the RAM drive, you can move windows temporary folders, folder or caches related to programs and browser caches. All you need to do is create the relevant folders on the drive and instruct the parent applications to use them.