SimCity Offline Mode Released, get update 10

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Finally after the release of SimCity 2013 a year ago, today Maxis or EA  released the much awaited or requested ‘Offline Mode’ for its controversial 2013 city building game, SimCity 2013 game owners can now get  the Offline Mode by downloading and installing the  Update 10 .

Update 10 is at the moment deployed all over the world and this patch will remove the online requirement  of the game and allows you to play offline.

simcity update 10

According to EA, it took around  6 ½ month  for completion and rolling out the offline mode for the game and the update 10 will also introduce several changes connected to the overall performance and balance of the experience.

The  update adds two options to the game, “Single-Player” and “Multiplayer”. The Single-player mode offers offline play,all region maps are available,you can sell resources through Global Market (but the prices are fixed irrespective of the players’ activity ) and you can save the game with the “Save As” option and reload it whenever you want.

Simcity offline play

The  core fundamentals of Simcity 2013 such as gameplay concept, buildings and regions,  remains intact in the ‘Single-Player’ or offline mode.Within a region, you can manage as many cities as you’d like, because the game saves the regions locally,not on a server.

On a Windows PC, you can find the saves at “\Documents\SimCity\Games~ID NUMBER~\” , where as in mac the saves will be located at “Documents->SimCity -> Games -> ~ID NUMBER~.” For playing the Simcity 2013 on a new machine, you can manually move the saved files and saved games can be transferable from PC to Mac and vice versa.

However , in  ‘Single-Player’ mode you will  miss features such as  Citylog, Achievements, Leaderboards,Region Wall, region invites , Player Profile and Friends List. These features are available in  Multi-Player Mode, but it requires online connection.For more details, read the SimCity Single-Player Mode FAQ.

SimCity 2013 is  a reboot of the classic city-building game by Will Wright met with many criticisms from the day one of its release, the game required always-online connection and the game play was plagued by EA’s slow servers. Several gamers or the game fans request offline mode, but Maxis rejected it saying the offline play was impossible and the game was only designed for online-play.However, after several sham awards and criticism,in January (2014) EA announced that they are working on offline mode for Simcity 2013 and today, it was rolled out as an update.

I think, several SimCity fans will return or at least a have look at the game after releasing the offline mode, but still the maps are smaller. I hope modders will plunge and create bigger maps, modify the simulation and do more.

Below, you can watch the short walkthrough video that explains how the Single-Player mode or offline mode works.

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