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ProDRENALIN V2 Plus Free License - Mobile & Action Cam Video Optimization

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ProDRENALIN is video optimization software designed for action cam and mobile phone users. It’s an ideal tool for avid action cam users to enhance their raw video footage.

The full version license of this software costs USD 29. However, with the below Snapfrog or Chip promo/giveaway, you can get it for free.

If you are interested in this software, visit this or this

Next, begin filling out the form with your email address and other details. Then, click the “Create Account” button.

Check your email inbox for a confirmation email from ProDAD (

Click the confirmation link to be directed to a webpage displaying the license code and 64-bit installer.

Also, the license code will be sent to your email address.

Copy the License code or product key.

Download the installer from any of these two links: [Link 1 / Link 2]

Run the installer, complete the installation, and launch the software, enter your serial number, and hit the “Unlock” button.



Action cameras are perfect for capturing life’s incredible adventures, whether on the ground or up in the air. However, they often face heavy shakes and vibrations during recording, resulting in shaky footage that fails to do justice to the excitement.

This software efficiently processes your spontaneous action and sports videos, transforming them into professional-looking clips. It automatically removes fisheye effects from videos and images, stabilizes the footage, and offers simple tools for adjusting colors, brightness, and contrast.

The rolling-shutter compensation feature reduces distortions and shaking caused by fast panning. Additionally, the software makes it easy to load and optimize multiple videos simultaneously, allowing for batch processing with different settings.
ProDRENALIN Interface


  • Automatically remove fisheye distortion from video or still pics.
  • Rock-steady stabilization–fully automatic.
  • Rolling-shutter correction–Improves the skew & jello of CMOS-sensors.
  • De-noising–ProDRENALIN effectively removes random image sensor noise during export rendering.
  • Simple color correction, brightness & contrast adjustment tools.
  • Rotate the video in case the camera was mounted upside-down.
  • Batch processing for convenient loading of multiple clips to be optimized.
  • Supporting 4K and 2.7K video resolutions.
  • A side-by-side comparison shows the original and optimized video before rendering and exporting.
  • Fully compatible with all action cameras in all supported resolutions, with the ability to import other action camera profiles.