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Nilesoft Shell: The Best Tool to Fix Your Windows 11 Right Click Menu

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Nilesoft Shell is an open-source program that can be downloaded for free on Windows computers.

This free program allows you to customize the options available in the context menu that appears after you right-click.

Many Windows 11 users are unhappy with the incomplete right-click menu, which can be confusing.

Windows 11 split the menu into two parts: a compact menu that appears when you right-click once, and a full traditional context menu that appears when you click “more options”.

We can fix this problem using a free, open-source program called Shell, which was developed by Nilesoft.

Nilesoft Shell

Just what is Nilesoft Shell, exactly?

As an add-on, it expands Windows’ right-click menu to include a wide variety of options. It’s a quick and easy way to change or remove any item from the context menu.

Shell provides an extra layer of functionality to the Windows File Explorer, allowing users to make powerful new options for the context menu. To top it all off, it allows for extensive customization of Windows File Explorer’s contextual menu.

When you right-click on a Windows desktop, file, folder, or taskbar, a menu called the right-click menu (or context menu) appears. This menu expands the item’s usefulness by providing access to additional functions.

Shell is all that’s required to personalize the context menu of Windows File Explorer, add new items with multiple functions, and more.

Nilesoft Shell Screen Shots

How do I get Nilesoft Shell and start using it?

If you want to get your hands on this program, you have two options: visit or use WingetUI (search for Nilesoft Shell).

Also, Windows users can launch Windows terminal or PowerShell and run the below command.

winget install

After installation, launch the shell app as an administrator(right-click the shell.exe and choose Run as administrator).

When you do that, a little window will appear. To add the Nilesoft Shell extension to your system, click “Register” and this will restart the Explorer.

Shell-Customize the Windows Context menu

Shell’s context menu already includes several useful options, but we can customize this list by changing the program’s configuration file. In the configuration file “shell.nss”, everything is set up.

We can edit the configuration file by holding down the Shift key and right-clicking on the Taskbar. At the top of the context menu will be the shell menu. Select “Configuration” from the menu that appears.

This will launch Windows Notepad with the shell.nss file loaded in it, where you can make changes.

To access the syntax for editing this configuration file, shell.nss, and to learn how to add and customize items in the Windows context menu, .

Note: The app won’t function when other, similar context-menu modifiers are installed.

Shell-Edit Config file


Shell, in a nutshell, is a helpful tool. The extension allows you to customize the context menu with a wide variety of options. It’s a simple, lightweight, and practical way to change or remove any item from the context menu. Why Microsoft can’t make this kind of exceptional app or context menu is beyond me.