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Minion Masters Arise DLC Now Available for Free [PC/Xbox]

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Minion Masters, the popular strategy game, has released its Arise! DLC, and for a limited time, it is available for free on Steam and the Xbox Store.

Here is everything you need to know about Arise! DLC.

About Minion Masters Arise DLC:

This expansion includes a new master, Morellia the Lich Queen, a new arena, new cards, and more.

Morellia the Lich Queen

Morellia is a powerful new Master who can raise the dead to fight for her. She has a variety of abilities that can help her control the battlefield, including a powerful ultimate that can summon an army of skeletons.

MInion Masters Arise DLC Features

Cemetery Arena

The Cemetery Arena is a new arena that is set in a graveyard. It has plenty of unique hazards that can affect the outcome of a battle, like tombstones that can block your way or skeletons that can come out of the ground and attack you.

New Cards

New cards like “Corpse Explosion,” “Spiritmancer,” “Restless Dead,” and “Skeleton Crew” are also included in this DLC. These cards will help your army out in combat and give you the upper hand.

How to Get the Minion Masters Arise DLC?

For PC Users:

The cost of this DLC is $15. It’s free for a limited time on Steam, so get it while you can.

To get started, you’ll need to have the free, base game Minion Masters in your library. If you don’t already, head over to this to get it.

Next to grab the DLC, visit the following and click the “Add to Account” button.


For Xbox Users:

Players can get the DLC by visiting this and clicking the “Get Free” button to download the bundle.

The offer expires on April 28, 2023, so don’t delay taking advantage of it. Take this chance to add to your Minion Masters collection and try out a fresh strategy for playing the game.

Minion Master and Arise DLC on XBOX Store

Minion Masters: what is it?

BetaDwarf created this MMORPG, and it is available for free. It’s a fast-paced strategy game where players use their minions to take out the towers of other players. Players build unbeatable decks by amassing and levelling up an army of minions, spells, and defences.