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Glow: A Free, Open-Source System Overview Tool

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If you’re someone who enjoys keeping tabs on your computer’s processes, Glow might pique your interest. This free tool offers a detailed view of your system, covering hardware, drivers, and services. In this blog post, let’s explore what Glow brings to the table.

What is Glow?

Glow, much like Speccy from Piriform, offers similar features. Speccy’s acquisition by Avast in 2017 seems to have resulted in a decline in attention to the program.

Just like Speccy, Glow neatly categorizes details about various parts of your PC‘s hardware, including the Motherboard, Processor, Memory, Storage, and Network.

It’s lightweight, portable, and doesn’t need installation. It’s perfect for fixing computer issues, spotting outdated drivers, and checking your system’s overall health.

Glow UI

Here are some of the key features of Glow:

  • Hardware Information: This open-source tool neatly categorizes details about various parts of your PC’s hardware. You can choose one of these categories from the left menu to get detailed information, like the manufacturer and model of each component, its status and health (if applicable), and other useful specs such as size, speed, format, or type.
  • System Information: This tells you when your system last booted, how long it’s been running during your current session, and even the speed your mouse wheel scrolls. You can also check your laptop’s battery level and voltage.
  • Drivers and Services: This lets you browse a list of all your installed drivers and services, to see which are working or have stopped.
  • Export Information: You can export the program’s information as a text document for future reference.
  • Hiding Mode: The free tool now includes a handy feature known as “Hiding Mode.” This feature allows you to hide sensitive information from Glow’s system analysis, such as your email address, device ID, and hardware component serial numbers.

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Glow- Graphics Card Information

How to Download and Use Glow:

Go to Glow’s GitHub Releases page at There, click the ‘Glow_v24.04’ zip file. Download it and unzip the files inside.

You can simply open the app on your Windows PC without needing to install it.

Since it’s a new tool from an independent developer, your browser and Microsoft Defender Smart Screen might give a security warning. Don’t worry; it’s entirely safe. Just click “Open,” then choose “More info,” and finally, click “Run, anyway.”

To enable Hiding mode: Click Settings in the top-right corner and click Hiding Mode, then restart the program–the redacted data will be replaced with asterisks.


To sum it up, Glow is a thorough tool that offers in-depth insights into your system’s performance. With its user-friendly interface and distinctive features, it’s a great alternative to Speccy.

Try Glow for a reliable and easy way to monitor your computer’s hardware and software, regardless of your tech knowledge.