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Edge’s Screenshot Function: A Threat to Your Privacy?

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Were you aware that Microsoft is experimenting with a feature that captures a screenshot of each website you visit and stores it in your browsing history? ?

Microsoft is finding new ways to collect your online data without asking. What’s their latest move? They’re now automatically capturing screenshots of every website you open in Microsoft Edge.

This feature is supposed to help you find the websites you visited more easily and quickly by showing you a visual preview of them.

Though it might sound useful, it also means Microsoft could examine your browsing history.

Testing Screenshot Surveillance

Right now, Microsoft is trying out a feature in Edge’s Canary and Dev versions. It takes a picture of every webpage you look at. These pictures are saved quietly in your browsing history, and you can’t say no or get a heads-up.

Microsoft says they want to help you find websites you’ve been to more easily. But this feature can be a privacy issue. It means Microsoft has pictures of everywhere you’ve been online.

A Sneak Peek into Your Screen

If turned on without asking, Edge’s screenshot feature could reveal personal things like logins, private pictures, and important files. And you might not even know Microsoft is watching.

While browsing history displays URLs, screenshots reveal your screen’s content. This added data might be used, sold, or disclosed without your consent. It’s an unwelcome intrusion into your online privacy.


Take Back Control of Your Data

The good news is, for now, the screenshot setting remains optional. But Microsoft may choose to turn it on by default in the future without warning.

Edge’s Screenshot setting-save screenshots of site for history

To protect your privacy now, follow these steps to disable Edge’s screenshot function:

  1. Open Edge Canary or Dev browser
  2. Click the three-dot menu and select “Settings”
  3. Select “Privacy, Search & Services”
  4. Scroll down and toggle the “Save screenshots of site for History,” slider to “Off”
  5. You’re now screenshot-safe!

It is advisable to keep a close eye on this option to prevent Microsoft from surreptitiously reactivating the screenshot feature without your consent at a later time. Staying watchful is the sole method to steer clear of undesired data gathering in the ever-evolving tech world.


Whether you choose to enable the screenshot feature in Edge is a personal decision. If you find it helpful, then enable it. However, if you are concerned about privacy, then you should disable the feature.