Get Dakar Desert Rally for Free: Off-road Racing Game

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If you are a fan of rally racing, then check out the Epic Games Store Now. Dakar Desert Rally, the official game of the Saudi Arabia-based rally raid, is now available for free on Epic Games Store (EGS).

This $29.99 worth of game will be available for free on EGS for 1 week or until February 22, 2024.

What is the Dakar Desert Rally?

Released in October 2022, Saber Porto created and published this racing game.

The real-life Dakar Rally, widely regarded as the world’s most difficult and esteemed off-road race, served as inspiration for the game.

With both single- and multiplayer options, as well as dynamic weather, the game boasts over 130 stages and 150 vehicles.

From cars and trucks to bikes and quads, and even SSVs, you may personalize a wide variety of vehicles to fit your needs. In the open-world sport mode, which is reminiscent of Forza Horizon, you may race against the clock or build your routes in the Roadbook Editor.

Why Should You Play Dakar Desert Rally?

This game sets itself apart from ordinary racing experiences. It plunges you deep into the heart of rally raid realism, where navigating treacherous terrains, circumventing obstacles, and managing fuel and repairs become your daily challenges.

Your co-driver and roadbook serve as your steadfast companions, providing guidance and alerts along the way. The journey is arduous yet exhilarating, offering the rush of conquering unforgiving deserts and engaging in fierce competition with fellow racers.

With its breathtaking visuals, authentic audio, and diverse landscapes spanning from vast dunes to rugged mountains, Dakar Desert Rally immerses you in a world that demands skill, stamina, and strategic prowess, making you embody the essence of a true rally champion.

How to Get the Game for Free?

Anyone with a PC and an account at the digital PC game store Epic Games Store can download Dakar Desert Rally for free

Go to this Epic Games Store link.

Click the “Get” button and log in to your Epic Games account (or make a new one).

Afterward, hit the “Place Order” button to add the game to your Epic Games store collection.

Once added to your library, you’ll have unlimited access to download and play the game whenever you choose.

The deadline to claim the game for free is February 22, 2024. Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity.