Circus Electrique and Firestone Free Offer on Epic Games Store

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This week, the Epic Games Store is offering a wonderful treat. Two fantastic games, Circus Electrique (a steampunk tactical role-playing game) and a bonus item pack for Firestone (an online idle role-playing game), are up for grabs.

Circus Electrique: A Steampunk Spectacle

Set in a colourful, steampunk-inspired universe, this game offers a turn-based strategy. The exciting elements of exploration, fighting, and the thrill of a circus come together in this game by Zen Studios.

In this game, you assume the role of an enigmatic ringmaster, tasked with restoring a magical circus that an unknown entity has devastated. Along with a cast of vibrant characters, each with their own special powers, you’ll go on an adventure to find out what happened to the circus and why it collapsed.

Explore a Richly Detailed World:

Amazing graphics are one of the most notable aspects of Circus Electrique. The steampunk setting of the game is very breathtaking, with its elaborate machinery, verdant landscapes, and characters that pop right out of the screen. Every element of the game’s visual design is visually appealing, from the expansive circus tents to the shadowy, mystifying city streets.

Grab the $19.99 game for free by visiting

Firestone Free Offer: $100 worth of content up for grabs

Aside from Circus Electrique, users also have the option to explore the universe of Firestone: Online Idle RPG. From May 9th to the 16th, you can get a lot of free stuff, such as gems, chests, and avatars, just by signing in through the Epic Games Store.

Firestone is a fantasy role-playing game with a deep storyline, where players can form teams of heroes, fight in endless auto fights, and interact with friendly players in various ways, such as guilds and PVP arenas.

Claim a bounty of rewards, including:

  • 200 Gems
  • 10 Common Chests
  • 5 Uncommon Chests
  • 10 Wooden Chests
  • 5 Iron Chests
  • 360 Strange Dust
  • 50 Scrolls
  • 2 Exclusive Avatars
  • 35 Game Tokens
  • 5 Prestige Tokens
  • 1 Exclusive Skin