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VOVSOFT Website Watcher License for Free [Windows]

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Vovsoft Website Watcher is an easy-to-use website monitoring tool that actively checks web pages and notifies you of any changes.

What is VOVSOFT – Website Watcher?

This is a powerful tool that allows users to monitor various types of web pages, including RSS/Atom feeds. It provides notifications for changes in competitors’ websites, price adjustments, product availability, updates to favorite websites, modifications to the user’s homepage, and more.

How Does it work?

This Windows program works by saving a webpage’s code in a database and checking for changes during future visits. If anything is different, it takes action. The tool runs as a client on the user’s computer, ensuring full control over data.

Key Features:

  1. Easy Website Monitoring
    Website Watcher makes it easier to monitor multiple websites simultaneously. Just add the URLs you want to follow, and the program will automatically check for updates regularly. You can schedule checks for specific times or days.
  2. Get Notified Promptly
    When a monitored website changes, VOVSOFT’s tool will quickly alert you. Choose to receive email alerts, pop-up notifications, or both. Stay informed even when you’re not actively browsing.
  3. Track Prices and Product Availability
    Want to know when prices drop or when your favorite product is back in stock? Website Watcher can keep you updated on price changes and product availability. Add the URLs you’re interested in, and the program will do the rest.
  4. Monitor RSS/Atom Feeds
    Keep up with the latest news and blog updates using Website Watcher’s RSS/Atom feed monitoring. The program checks for new entries in your favorite feeds and notifies you when they’re available.
  5. Discover Hidden Changes
    Website Watcher goes beyond detecting visible webpage content changes. It analyzes HTML code for even the slightest modifications, ensuring you don’t miss subtle changes to metadata or scripts.
  6. Flexible and Customizable
    VOVSOFT Website Watcher is a versatile tool tailored to your needs. Choose from comparison methods like HTML comparison, regular expressions, or manual inspection. Configure the program to ignore specific changes, such as those in advertisements or social media widgets.
  7. Support for multiple sites and RSS feeds
    Add as many URLs as needed, and import lists via TXT for large-scale monitoring tasks.


VOVSOFT Website Watcher Giveaway:

Thanks to the ongoing Vovsoft giveaway, you can get a license for this Windows software valued at $19, absolutely free.

Here’s how to claim your free license:

  1. Visit the .
  2. Choose your preferred option: the desktop installer or the portable version.
  3. Install the software on your Windows computer and open it.
  4. When the Activation Window appears, select “Enter License Key.”
  5. Use the license key: NKLXJ-SKMGF-UHLG4.

But don’t wait too long–this offer is valid until November 26, 2023. Get it while you can!

Conclusion: Your One-Stop Website Monitoring Solution

VOVSOFT Website Watcher is a must-have tool for staying updated on your favorite websites. Whether you’re a busy professional, a tech enthusiast, or just want to stay informed, its user-friendly interface, rich features, and customization make it an essential part of your digital toolkit.

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