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Get VOVSOFT Contact Manager for Free:A Simple and Handy Way to Organize Your Contacts

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In today’s digital world, staying connected with your contacts is easier than ever. With the prevalence of smartphones, we’ve gotten used to having our friends’ and colleagues’ contact information right at our fingertips.

However, there’s a more convenient solution available for Windows computer users–the VOVSOFT Contact Manager.

This application offers a user-friendly experience, serving as a lightweight software tool that enables you to create a digital address book effortlessly while keeping all your contacts neatly sorted in alphabetical order.

A Lightweight and User-Friendly Solution

VOVSOFT – Contact Manager is a user-friendly software designed for desktop and laptop computers. It is a lightweight application that allows you to build a digital address book and store all your contacts in alphabetical order.

This tool is especially handy for people who often switch between devices because it makes importing and exporting VCF files a breeze.

VOVSOFT Contact Manager UI

Creating a Digital and Portable Contact Book

Using VOVSOFT – Contact Manager, you can create a digital address book containing all your contacts, with multiple phone numbers, email addresses, website URLs, and notes for each entry.

The application interface is simple, with two panels. The left panel has all the entries arranged alphabetically, making it easy to navigate the list. Entries starting with numbers are placed under the ‘#’ section.

The right panel contains a user-friendly form to store contact details such as first, middle, and last names, addresses, and organizations.

Key Features and Benefits

VOVSOFT Contact Manager Giveaway:

Thanks to the ongoing Vovsoft Contact Manager giveaway, you now have the fantastic opportunity to snag a lifetime license for this Windows software valued at $19, absolutely free.

Here’s how to claim your free license:

  1. Head over to the Vovsoft promotion page.
  2. Pick your preferred option: the desktop installer or the portable version.
  3. Install the software on your Windows computer and open it.
  4. When the Activation Window pops up, simply choose “Enter License Key.”
  5. Enter the license key: 61BNW-G6T7X-KRYLJ.

But don’t wait too long–this offer is only valid until October 29, 2023. Grab it while you can!

VOVSOFT Contact Manager License


While VOVSOFT – Contact Manager may not replace a cloud-based address book that can sync contacts automatically on multiple devices, it is a simple and handy tool to have around for Windows users.

Its user-friendly interface, seamless import and export of VCF files, and the ability to create a digital and portable contact book make it a valuable asset for individuals who want to streamline their contact management process.

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