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ASCOMP Image Former Pro can help you not only make your images look better by applying filters and effects, but it can also help you convert them to different formats.

All those who want a tool that can both batch, edit and convert their graphic files will find Image Former very useful.

Do you know about the phenomenon known as the leaking sea? It occurs when you use your digital camera to photograph a sunset on the beach but do not straighten the horizon. So, later on, you get the sensation that the sea is ready to run out – what a pity about such a fascinating motif!

With Image Former, you can quickly and easily improve the quality of your images: simply select any number of images, configure actions, and begin the conversion.

ASCOMP Image Former Pro UI

Whether you wish to rotate photographs, trim their edges, or fix their colours, Image Former applies the desired modifications to all selected images instantly.

Additionally, the Windows utility gives you complete control over enlarging or compressing the size of your image files and converts them quickly and effortlessly to the desired format.

Image Former can change the file format of your images, for example, to JPEG, PNG, BMP, or GIF, if you want to do that. We can use even PDF and PSD as output formats.

ASCOMP Image Former Pro Features:

  • A batch converter for your image files.
  • Neatly organized GUI.
  • Packs multiple adjustments.
  • Batch-edit and convert images with ease.
  • Supports various output settings: JPEG, PDF, GIF, PCX, PSD, PNG, EPS, TIF, and BMP
  • You can import all the photographs you’ve copied to the clipboard into the software.
  • Operating systems supported: Windows 11 and Windows 10/8/8.1/7.

Get ASCOMP Image Former Pro for Free:

Visit this new giveaway page or this giveaway page.

Enter your first & last name, and email address, select your country, and hit the “Send” button.

Within a few seconds, you will receive a confirmation email from ASCOMP Software, check your email inbox.

Click the confirmation link. This link leads to your ASCOMP account page, where you can download the full version of the installer.

On that webpage, click the “Download Full Version” link and download the installer.

Run the installer, and complete the installation process.

Launch the app, enter your 10-digit customer ID, and unlock the full version.

ASCOMP Image Former Pro License

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