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Zuma Deluxe is the original spin-and-shoot match-3 puzzle game that put your aim and matching skills to the test as you travel to the ancient temples of Latin America to save the Frog Idol and end as many-colored balls as you can.

Zuma Deluxe is an excellent game with a unique Aztec theme, there are a ton of levels to take on that give a variety of challenges. The controls and gameplay are simple enough for anyone to pick up and play. Multiple modes offer different experiences and types of play. Working towards bonuses or grabbing power ups adds to the excitement. Great presentation makes an already great game even better.

This best-selling action puzzle game  will thrill and delight game fans of all ages. Two gameplay modes with more than 20 temples to explore, all featuring 3D-accelerated graphics and special effects. It all adds up to a breathtaking game experience, requiring reflexes of steel and concentration skills to match. Shoot balls from your stone frog idol to eliminate sets of three colors. Get rid of all the balls before they reach the Golden Skull, or you’ll be history

Zuma Deluxe Full Version Features

  • 3D accelerated graphics and effects. zuma full version
  • Stunning sounds and tribal tunes.
  • Explore the Adventure mode and test your skills in Gauntlet mode.
  • Over 20 temples to explore!
  • Zuma theme for Windows

Get the Orginal Zuma for PC or Mac for Free

Al you need to do is visit the Promo page : http://goo.gl/VqjfM, then enter your email address, click on the “Sign Up Now” button and get Zuma Deluxe for Windows or Mac for Free.

Note : The Giveaway will end on Nov 29, 2011.


  1. Great game! First played it on XBox 360. One of the best arcade games in recent years.

    Thanks for sharing

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