Zorin OS : Linux OS with Windows Feel

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Zorin OS is a Free and multi-functional operating system designed specifically for Windows users who want to have easy and smooth access to Linux.It has a Windows-like graphical user interface and many programs similar to those found in Windows.

Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu which is the most popular Linux operating system in the world and offers a several advantages with particular appeal for Windows users. The OS  goal is to give a Linux alternative to Windows and let Windows users enjoy all the features of Linux without complications.

So if you are  always intended to try Linux OS , but feel that that you need to be tech-savy to use it and afraid it would be too Difficult to use it, then Free Zorin OS is for you which acts like Windows 7, but way faster. Because it is more lightweight and some Windows programs run even faster in Zorin OS with WINE (which comes pre-installed with Zorin OS) than in Windows

The main attraction of Zorin OS is,it gives users more flexibility and allows you to use Zorin OS alongside (dual-booting) your current operating system and run Microsoft Windows programs in Zorin OS with the help of WINE and PlayOnLinux.

Also the OS features a unique “Look Changer” software that lets users select interface of several different operating systems, including Windows 7 and the Mac OS. The Look Changer lets you change your desktop to look and act like either Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2000, Mac OS X or Linux (GNOME) for ultimate ease of use.If you accustomed with Windows UI, then select windows UI.

Similar to other Linux variants, Zorin OS is packed with all the software you’ll ever need out of the box. From office software to video editors to media players, it’s got it all. The OS comes pre installed with LibreOffice suite , Google Chrome Web browser,Banshee Media Player,GIMP Image Editor, OpenShot Video Editor,evolution Mailthe Me Menu to access your Facebook and Twitter accounts and along with many other useful programs.

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Further, the Ubuntu-based Software Center allows you to easily download and install thousands of free programs. All you have to do is open the Software Center from the start menu, find a program which you want and click Install.You are also able to download installable packages (.deb and .exe) like in your current operating system.

Zorin also includes a Browser Manager which makes it easy to install or uninstall alternate web browsers.Other unique programs include Splash Screen Manager and Background Plus.Background Plus allows you to set a video, audio file or screensaver as your desktop background, while the Splash Screen Manager is a premium feature that allows you to install and remove Plymouth splash screen themes in Zorin OS.

Main advantages of Zorin OS :

    1. Top-notch security,No risk of getting viruses
    2. Integrated firewall software to keep your system extra safe
    3. Much faster than Windows 7
    4. An easy to use and familiar desktop
    5. Customizable user interface with Look Changer
    6. Stable as it is based on the robust Linux operating system
    7. All the software you’ll ever need out of the box
    8. Extremely versatile and customizable Open Source software

Available in over 55 languages

Zorin OS Variations:
Zorin OS is available in seven different versions,those versions include the free Core version for general use, Lite for use on old and low-spec computers, Educational Lite for use in schools and universities and the premium Business, Multimedia, Gaming and Ultimate versions.

How to Install Zorin OS :

      1. First download either 32 bit or 64 bit versions of Zorin OS 5.2 Ultimate .iso file and burn it to a blank DVD.
      2. Now you will need to boot from the disc,restart your PC, press F12 (or whatever key it is to select the boot device) to boot up from disc.
      3. Press the Enter key to start the LiveDVD,try LiveDVD first to make sure your hardware is compatible with Zorin.
      4. If you’re planning to install the OS,click the install icon on the desktop and select your desired settings.
      5. Next make a new partition on your Hard Drive to install the OS,the minimum size for Zorin OS Core is 5GB
      6. During the installation,select your language,your location, time settings, keyboard layout, partitioning settings and import your files, settings and user accounts from your Windows installation.

Download : Zorin OS 5.2 Core [1.1 GB]


  1. i love this distro!! its my favorite when it comes to ease of use.. i have been using it for a long time and installs it even on my clients which are not so tech savvy since it supports everything out of the box..

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