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Zoom Player Max 14 Giveaway [Windows]

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Zoom Player Max is an alternative and professional media player for Windows, normally this software costs USD $14.74 and now you can get it for free.

Zoom Player plays DVD’s as well as almost all popular video and audio formats. The media player can even play corrupted AVI files, also it can play media files directly from archives (7Z, RAR, ZIP).

When compared to other media players VLC or MPC, Zoom Player is extremely customizable and you need to spend some time to learn about the software.

As the name suggests, the media player has good zoom capabilities, you can zoom in and zoom out while playing a video.

Another cool feature of the software, it has a built-in 10-band equalizer that comes with some presets.

Zoom Player’s customizable and polished full-screen navigation system makes browsing your content as easily accessible when using a Mouse, a Keyboard, a Remote Control or using a Touch input device such as a Tablet or Phone.

zoom player max 14 giveaway

The powerful media library JukeBox features take your Movie & TV collections to a new level by enriching them with posters, backdrops and meta-data information (overview, cast, genre and more).

The Player’s full-screen navigation system includes intuitive interfaces such as the Media Library, File Browser, Playlist, Color Control, Audio Equalizer, Bookmarks, Play History, Subtitle & Audio Stream Selection and many more.

Zoom Player’s media center simplicity makes it ideal for users with little earlier computer experience.

In fact, with Zoom Player, you can instantly Convert any PC into a Home Entertainment Center (HTPC) with no specialized hardware or operating system requirement.

The media Player runs on every version of Windows and every type of modern PC hardware, including Touch screens and Tablets.

Utilizing Zoom Player’s modular design and flexibility, you can easily design a safe viewing environment, limiting or extending functionality, making it ideal for both newbies and professionals.

Zoom Player Max Giveaway :

Zoom Player MAX is the most feature-rich version, plus its most powerful and customizable media player for Windows Desktop PCs, Home Theater PCs, and Tablet devices.

To get the giveaway version, simply visit this page and enter your email address to view the download link of the giveaway version.

Update[3/5/2018]: New Promo link: inmatrix.com/giveaway, this promo expires on May 7th.

Tip: To avoid spam, you can use temporary email id providers such as 10 Minute Mail.

Also, you can get the giveaway version from this direct link.

Install the software, install the components required for media playback and don’t upgrade to v14.1.0.141 as this giveaway version limited to v14 only.

zoom player max update components