Free 1 year ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall & IDENTITY GUARD License

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After a long time ZoneAlarm is providing another 24hrs free offer, this time it is giving away $120 worth 1 year ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall 2010 & IDENTITY GUARD Basic protection License for Free.

About ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall:
ZoneAlarm Pro 2010 combines the world’s number one firewall with an OS Firewall that monitors behavior within the operating system (OS) to stop malicious attacks that are intentionally designed to corrupt the OS.

Key Features:

  • ZoneAlarm offers multiple layers of PC protection
  • Makes you invisible to hackers
  • Scans web downloads and warns if they’re dangerous
  • Works great with any antivirus or anti-spyware
  • About Identity Guard
    IDENTITY GUARD® TOTAL PROTECTIONSM is PC World’s #1 rated identity theft protection service. It protects against identity theft before it happens with advanced monitoring and alerts — delivered by the latest technology that keeps you aware and in control of your personal information.

    The free offer , IDENTITY GUARD® Basic Protection order includes your Personal Risk Assessment, Internet Surveillance, Lost Wallet protection and up to $1 Million of Identity Theft Insurance.

    IDENTITY GUARD® Basic Protection(SM) Service Includes:

  • Personal ID Risk Assessment® and Identity Monitoring powered by ID Analytics.
  • Daily Internet monitoring of chat rooms and financial black markets (known to be frequented by identity thieves) for your credit cards, bank accounts and Social Security number.
  • Lost wallet protection — with one call we’ll help cancel your credit card accounts.
  • World-class ITAC victim assistance should you think you have become a victim of identity theft.
  • Free assistance obtaining FREE annual credit reports available to you under the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • Unlimited toll free 800 number customer service with access to ITAC agents and credit education specialists.
  • Up to $1,000,000.00 identity theft insurance (after a $0.00 deductible) at no additional cost to you — financial reimbursement for certain expenses related to recovering from an identity theft event.
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    How to Grab the offer

      Actually this 24 hrs offer should available on April 13, but facebook users can get it today itself.

    • Visit this facebook page, become a fan, click on Free promo tab and click on Get Free button ,then fill the first form (name & email ID) to get ZoneAlarm Pro & Continuation form for IDENTITY GUARD(U.S only)
    • Short cut: Just visit this direct link and fill the form
    • Update: you will get License code for ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall in your emial-Inbox, check Spam folder also.


      The offer says that only Identity Guard promo requires Social Security number and credit card for identity verification and monitoring,  so only U.S Residents are applicable for Identity Guard  promo


    1. Your entries do not match. Please re-enter your Social Security Number and Confirm Social Security Number ????????????

      1. You are form VietNam, so you are not applicable for 2nd promo "Identity Guard ", which requires SSN. After filling the first form you will get ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall license code, also check Spam box.

      1. You are in India, so you will get ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall license without any credit card, credit card is required for You are in India, so you will get ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall license without any credit card, credit card is required for Identity Guard.

    2. Thanks for the news, but I could not get it.
      Page does not load after you send the name and email.

      Someone was able to get the key?

    3. hii ramakant
      i am frm mumbai
      i dont have credit card & plz show the way 2 get
      ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall license code
      without credit card
      & i am facebook user also

      1. syed, Just fill the first form by entering your name, email ID ( check above Image 2) , that's it you will get the code with in 4 to 5 hrs.

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