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Zemana AntiLogger is a top-rated anti-keylogger software, we use share promos/free offers for this software very often in Techno360, but for last 5 months we didn’t find any genuine free offer for this software.

Just 2 hours ago our friend ‘Alessandro Pomponio’ informed us about a Turkish promo/ free offer which provides 1 year license of Zemana AntiLogger for free.

About Zemana AntiLogger:

Zemana AntiLogger is an anti-keylogger software which is equipped with 128-bit SSL Logger protection, Anti-Webcam Logger and blocks all the logger activity which makes your keyboard typing safe.

Zemana AntiLogger is not a replacement for antivirus and antispyware s, but it adds an extra layer of security  by working  in conjunction with your security softwares .

Key Features:

  • Surf anywhere and download anything—worry free.
  • Do your online banking with peace of mind.
  • Increase your PC protection.
  • Defend against hackers.
  • Protect against keyloggers.
  • Guard against screen grabbers.
  • Fully compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Note : Zemana AntiLogger doesn’t work with Windows 7, 64 bit systems, because 64 bit kernel has built-in functionality to prevent keyloggers and doesn’t accept third-party softwares to change the kernel.


How to avail Zemana AntiLogger free 1 year license ?

    Update : Thanks to Anson

  1. Frist visit Zemana Facebook page, click ‘Like’ button and then click ‘Buraya’ button (shown in below imge) then it will instantly display license code.
  2. Download Zemana Antilogger (7.8 MB)
  3. Install it and run Zemana AntiLogger.
  4. Now click on the Services—> License ‘,then enter your License code and click on “Renew License” button.
  5. Note: This code is given for Zemana Facebook fans.

  6. That’s it, thanks to Alessandro.

    1. Yes, you are right and after proceeding the steps you mentioned it will display the same license code as written in above post.

      If it is wrong please correct me

      1. I followed the same steps and used the same license key but it tells me “WRONG LICENSE CODE”.

  1. The licence code is **NOT** the same for everyone. You need to follow the steps above and record the unique code given to you on the zemana page.

  2. Last year when they promoted at that I miss it by a week. After very good reviews, I was felling guilty for miss that fine thing. But this time didn’t miss my train and I got it.

    Secondly, I fell like making the public might result in blacklisting of product key. So Ramakanth you should remove the product key from the post.

  3. Last give away would not install on 64bit,but this one did!! (To the x86 Program files of course)But it looks like one license is all you can get through FB and it won’t work on a second PC,at least not for me anyway.

  4. hi ramakant thanks for the info
    i got the license & activated with no problem
    thanks once again for sharing this trick