YouTube Shorts -How to hide them on a Desktop browser

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YouTube Shorts is a new type of video that was introduced with the intention of being watched in a few minutes or less. To entertain or educate in a short amount of time, most of them clock in at around 30 seconds.

YouTube Shorts was a big development for the video-sharing website. The integrated service is similar to other short-form video services, such as TikTok, which delivers videos that can only be viewed in portrait mode for a limited amount of time.

They are great for when you just have a few minutes to spare and could need some light amusement.

If you dislike this “new” video format, however, you can hide it. You can stop YouTube from showing you any short videos by installing an add-on called ShortsBlocker.

YouTube Shorts

What is YouTube Shorts?

This is YouTube’s own dedicated platform for shorter videos. The videos can be up to 60 seconds long, allowing creators to easily engage with their subscribers.

This format’s popularity, and use have skyrocketed since its introduction in September 2020. With millions of users active every day, the platform’s popularity has skyrocketed in a matter of months.

When using a desktop or mobile device, you can find shorts in the main menu. Google has opted to utilize the same vertical video format that is popular on mobile devices on desktop computers.

There aren’t many customization options for watching videos on YouTube’s mobile version. However, it does allow you to mute the audio, share the content, rate it positively or negatively, and read and leave comments.

How to hide YouTube Shorts on Desktop?

Unfortunately, YouTube does not currently have a means to categorize videos based on their length.

Instead, short-videos are highlighted everywhere on the site, from the homepage to the search results to the feeds you subscribe to. You’ll come across them virtually everywhere. Those who dislike this video format face a significant challenge.

Thankfully, an independent developer(Vivek) came up with a brilliant solution to this issue by providing a free extension that lets you hide all short videos from YouTube at once.

ShortsBlocker is a plug-in that can be installed on the Chrome and Firefox web browsers. It will ensure that all the short videos are removed from the service.

ShortsBlocker-Remove Shorts from Youtube

It’s a drastic measure, but the people who don’t care about the short videos will appreciate it.

Just install the ShortsBlocker add-on for Chrome or Firefox and you’ll be all set to block short videos. If you want to see the end result, head on over to YouTube.

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