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YouTube adds auto translation of subtitles

YouTube is making some serious efforts to breach the language barriers,  YouTube Blog announced a new innovation in language translation which helps further break down the barriers of communication in our ever widening online networks.

YouTube has added a new auto-translate feature that adds real-time machine translation to any caption tracks you upload. It builds on Google’s AJAX Language API and extends that capability into any YouTube video with a caption track. This increases the values of captioning your videos – when you add captions to a video in one language, it will automatically be readable to almost everybody through auto translate.


Two months ago Youtube presented us a new tool that brought online videos and subtitles (srt etc.) together. Whenever you upload a video you can also upload a subtitles file in any language like. It is up to the user to chose the wanted one (if it is available).

Now onwardss,if you are watching a video that has subtitles in it, lets say english, a simple click can translate it – in real time – into spanish! (or any of the 40 supported languages)!

To get a translation for your preferred language, move the mouse over the bottom-right arrow, and then over the small triangle next to the CC (or subtitle) icon, to see the captions menu. Click on the “Translate…” button and then you will be given a choice of many different languages.

More info is available at YouTube’s caption page.


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