yahoo mail gets dropbox

Yahoo Mail gets Dropbox

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No,Yahoo didn’t acquired Dropbox, instead the cloud storage service is integrated in to Yahoo Mail. Already  Gmail  has  Google drive,  Hotmail or  Outlook  has SkyDrive and  now Yahoo Mail  which was left behind in cloud storage service got  Dropbox.

Instead of launching it’s cloud storage service like it’s rival Google, Yahoo preferred to partner with Dropbox  and brought the cloud storage to Ymail. I think it’s a good move from Yahoo to thwart technological advantages of  Google and Microsoft.

dropbox integrated in to dropbox


“Email attachments can be tricky: they’ve got file size limits, you can’t keep them updated, and when you add people to a thread, attachments are the first to get left behind.

The Yahoo! Mail team decided to fix this—by integrating with Dropbox!”,announced Yahoo.”

yahoo mail gets dropbox

If you are still using yahoo mail, now you can access  Dropbox right from your Inbox.You can save attachments in your mail to dropbox and  also you can add files in your Dropbox account  as attachments to send mails, you can even  send  large files (>25MB). For now dropbox feature can be accessible for English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish  language Yahoo mail users.

Dropbox cloud storage service started in 2007 has reached more than 100 million users and has been a tough competitor to Google drive and Microsoft’s Sky Drive.