Yahoo! Launches New Homepage

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Ahead of it’s schedule yahoo today launched it’s new Home page. After trying this page for a while I can say that the new Yahoo home page had left a good impression on me.

This new home page is more customizable than the older one ,now you can add “apps”(third party services) to a list of “My Favorites” option,which will be displayed in left side bar. You can choose apps from the recommended list which include popular web services like ebay, Twitter,Myspace  e.t.c or you can add your own  services by entering the URL and name.

So when your  hover  the mouse on left side bar on particular app, say Face book,it will ask you to log in and grant permission to allow yahoo to display your face book activity.

So this is the main difference between old home page and the new yahoo home page,other than that i didn’t see any new features.

I think almost all can access this new Home page,in India when i visited normal yahoo page it prompted me to try new yahoo page. If your still not able to access this page,you can try this link or