XWindows Dock : a launcher for Windows

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XWindows Dock is a launcher for Windows with a visual style nearly identical to the Dock in Mac OS X. There are several windows launchers like RK Launcher, RocketDock, ObjectDock, Circle Dock and SliderDock,but this is the most accomplished of them and the dock looks excellent.

“XWindows Dock” or XWD is a new dock for Windows which is the best Mac dock emulator. It provides all graphics affects like reflections, transparency, shadow, blur, etc.

It supports several features that make this Dock look like Mac OS x Dock , such as PNG icons size configurable, multiple transition effects, overlays, multiple zoom levels, shadows, reflections, and you may opt for a dock in 2D or 3D.

Strangely, however it has so many settings,but these do not allow us to locate the dock elsewhere on the screen than the bottom.

Some of it’s Features :

  • It has built-in stack feature
  • It shows icon reflections
  • You can customize almost all visual affects
  • It provides all essential dock features
  • Its portable and doesn’t write anything to registry
  • Its skinnable

In addition, XWindows Dock allows:

  • Use or create your own skins for 2D or 3D dock.
  • Shows indicators of running applications.
  • New skin format, now a skin can be created even without specifying some PNG files. *New!*

Xwindows Dock is is free and compatible with Windows Vista and XP, and its System requirements are quite modest, as it only needs 10 MB of disk space and 256 MB of RAM, plus a graphics card with support for Direct X 9.


Official Website: XWindows Dock

Download links :
XWindows Dock
Xwindowss Dock (mirror)