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XenArmor Asterisk Password Recovery Pro License for Free

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XenArmor Asterisk Password Recovery Pro is a Windows software that retrieves hidden passwords behind asterisks. It can recover or reveal passwords from over 180 popular Windows applications.

The software supports both automatic and manual password recovery from 32-bit/64-bit Windows applications.

Here are the major benefits of Asterisk Password Recovery Pro:

  • Recover passwords from 180+ confirmed Windows apps
  • Automatically discover & recover all the passwords from open Windows apps
  • Manual option to selectively recover passwords from password-text fields
  • Recover passwords from popular FTP clients, email clients, download managers, and other desktop apps
  • Recover passwords from both 32-bit & 64-bit Windows apps
  • Shows Password with Target Application Details
  • Backup/Save Password Report to HTML/CSV/XML/JSON/SQLite file
  • Installer for Easy & Quick Installation & Un-installation
  • Command-line version for automation or integration in scripts
  • Automation of Asterisk password recovery operation
  • Portable Unlimited Edition to run directly from a USB disk
  • Works on both 32-bit & 64-bit Platforms starting from Windows XP to Windows 11.


Known Limitations
  • It cannot reveal passwords in browsers.
  • Apps using non-windows GUI interfaces like GTK, QT, etc. not supported
  • Some apps purposely put empty or junk passwords behind asterisks to protect the password.

Get XenArmor Asterisk Password Recovery Pro for Free:

XenArmor the developer of this software is offering a personal edition of Asterisk Password Recovery Pro (worth $19.95) for free.

To get the license code, visit this giveaway page.

Enter your email address, complete the reCAPTCHA, and hit the “Request Full Version Key” button.

The giveaway will display the activation details and provide a Zip file for the installer.

Download the zip file, extract it, and you will notice the installer. Launch the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Run the software, enter your email address & license code, and activate the full version.

XenArmor Asterisk Password Recovery Pro License

By default, they set it to automatic recovery option. On launch, it will try to automatically find all the open password-text fields and recover the passwords. They add each such recovered password to the List along with the target application details.