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XenArmor All-In-One Password Recovery Pro Free License

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XenArmor All-In-One Password Recovery is an enterprise-level program. With a single mouse click, it can recover passwords from more than two hundred widely used programs and services.

Have you ever forgotten the password to an important website, email account, or piece of software? Have you ever spent hours trying to recover your account or reset your password?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, XenArmor All-In-One Password Recovery is exactly what you need.

About XenArmor All-In-One Password Recovery Pro:

For those who have forgotten or lost the passwords to their preferred Windows applications, this is an essential piece of software. With support for 210+ applications, you can recover passwords for email clients, browsers, FTP clients, and chat apps, among others.

This password recovery app can help you get back into your Facebook account, Gmail inbox, Windows login, FTP server, or Wi-Fi network in a matter of minutes.

XenArmor All-In-One Password Recovery Pro UI

They built this Password Recovery app to be user-friendly and quick to operate. There is no prerequisite knowledge or technical expertise required. To retrieve your lost passwords, all you have to do is download the software, install it on your computer, and follow the on-screen instructions.

The program will scan your computer without your intervention and present you with a list of all the passwords it finds. The passwords can then be copied, saved, or exported as desired.

Features of XenArmor All-In-One Password Recovery Pro:

  • Supports over 200 widely used Windows programs, including all major web browsers, email clients, and instant messaging clients. This includes Outlook, Thunderbird, Mailbird, and other popular email clients.
  • Recover passwords for all account types, such as email, social media, FTP, and chat accounts.
  • Password recovery is as easy as a few clicks thanks to the app’s intuitive design.
  • Passwords that have been recovered can be exported to a text file or an HTML file for easy to back up and sharing.
  • It’s compatible with Windows programs of both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • It’s quick, trustworthy, and safe.

XenArmor All-In-One Password Recovery Pro Giveaway:

Visit this giveaway page.

To obtain a full version key, provide your email address, then finish the reCAPTCHA.

Click the “Request Full Version Key” button.

The giveaway page will display the license code, copy the code.

Download the software from https://cdn.xenarmor.com/download/Giveaway.zip

Extract the zip file, run the installer and launch the app.

Activate the software by entering your email address and the license code you receive through the giveaway page.

XenArmor All-In-One Password Recovery Pro License