Xara Xtreme 5 Free License

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Xara Xtreme 5  is simply the best option for all your drawing, photo and design needs, ideal for both print and the web. If you’re looking for drawing software then Magix Xara Xtreme is a perfect solution for everything from simple logos to astonishingly detailed illustrations.

If you’re working with photos then Xtreme will match your ambitions from simple one click auto-enhance of your photo through to awesome photo compositions. If you are looking for software for creating web graphics then Xtreme 5 can help you produce all the graphics you’ll need for your site, from perfect buttons to eye catching Flash animations and even complete HTML pages and sites. Whatever graphics you need and whatever your skill level, the famously friendly user interface and fast processing of Xara Xtreme will make it an absolute pleasure to be creative.

Magix Xara Xtreme  5 is the perfect graphics tool for all your drawing, photo and design needs.  Whether you want to create illustrations, edit your photos, layout a brochure or create some web graphics, Xara Xtreme’s fast and easy to use design tools make it a pleasure to be creative.

With  Xara Xtreme 5, you  can retouch photos, draw everything from simple business logos to complex technical illustrations, design greetings cards, invitations, calendars and more; and even produce web graphics, simple Flash animations or complete websites without worrying about code.

Xara Xtreme is equally flexible with bitmap and vector graphics, making it a great solution for any project that involves a combination of illustrations, photos and text. With this one program you can create vector illustrations and page layouts, edit photos, stitch panoramas, design websites, and create animations (both flash animations as well as animated gifs).
While the software is incredibly powerful, that does not mean that it will take a lifetime to learn. In fact, Xara designs its software with the goal of making their product less intimidating to new users – something that those who struggle with other programs will most certainly appreciate

Features of Xara Xtreme 5

  1. Fast and powerful graphics program, the best option for all your drawing, photo and design needs
  2. A great value choice for both web and print work
  3. World’s fastest graphics program
  4. One package for all your graphic design needs, for print and the web
  5. Comprehensive illustration tools
  6. Revolutionary photo handling
  7. Complete website creation
  8. Flexible text handling including liquid text flow
  9. World’s slickest 3D extrude

Xara Xtreme 5 Free License:

Now you can get Xara Xtreme 5 for FREE! Yes, it’s true, completely free, no charge whatsover! This is the full download version of Xara Xtreme 5, as previously sold for $79 !

1. First Download Xara Xtreme 5 fullversion installer from here, install the software and run the application, next click “Register online” in the Welcome splash screen .

2.Now a registration page will open on your browser,select “I would like to register” and click on Continue button.

3.Now you will see a form,fill the form to receive the activation code or unlock key.

4.After receiving the activation code, go back to Xara Xtreme 5,the paste the code in the registration box and click the Start Program button.