World's 7 best companies in mobile technology

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For the past one and half decades, mobile phones have now turned as one of the best friends of man. Having said that, today’s modern cell phones continue upgrading human minds and mesmerizing the users all across the world with eye catching technologies. As per the market analysts, the sales of mobile phone is simply scaling to 435 million units in the current year’s second quarter, which is basically 3.6% increase in the sales as compared to the last year and 2013 is still to end. This trend would be simply seen upgrading with every passing year as mobile technology is here to stay for long. With such an incredible surge found in mobile technology, it is wise to check the world best companies in this domain.

The following are the 7 best companies found in mobile technology, let’s have a look at these:

1). Samsung

One of the top most companies in mobile technology is Samsung. If you look the company’s sales figure, it seems incredible and would top this list. During the current year the total number of units sold in 107.5 million more than the last year figure of 90.4 millions. The total market share of Samsung units tolls to around 24.7 %, which is greater than the last year’s figure of 21.5 %. Some of the best handsets from Samsung are the Galaxy series, which runs on Google’s OS – Android.

2). Nokia

The top company in mobile technology is the Finnish based giant called Nokia. For the past few years, Nokia has not been doing that good, yet it is seen with some of the remarkable mobile phones hitting the market.The sales figure in the year 2013 seems to have gone down yet is able to garner the figure of 61 million units in the current year, which seems a bit low as compared to the previous quarter. Yet, at the end of the day, the amount of units sold in the market would turn out to be impressive. Considering the potentials of the company, the software giant Microsoft has patterned with this company.


3). Apple

The next worthy company active in mobile technology domain is Apple, which is known to produce some of the best and high end mobile devices in the market. The sales figure of this Cupertino giant company seems to be impressive with more than 31.8 million high end mobile devices are being sold in the second quarter of 2013. Besides, you can also notice some surge in the global market share, which rose from 6.9 in 2012 to 7.3 percent in the current year. Last year, the company had the figure of 28 million mobile handsets, which is also among the most impressive figure in this world.

7 best Mobile manufacturers

4). LG Electronics

LG is a South Korean electronics king, which has been performing better in mobile technology domain as well. The 4th for mobile devices in the second quarter is around 17 million and the market share is around 3.9 % in the world level, which is again impressive figure. Last year the company carried out the total sales of mobile units for around 14 million and had the market share of 3.4 %.

5). ZTE

This is China based mobile manufacturing company. According to reports, this company had the sales of around 15.2 million in the second quarter of 2012 at the global level. However, the current year seems to be a bit slow with sales falling to some extent in this year at the global level. Also, the market share seems to be dipping by 0.6 percent if you compare the same with the previous years.

6). Huawei

Another name in this list is the Chinese company called Huawei, which rank fourth in its home nation and in terms of global sales stand at the sixth position. The company has sold around 11 million mobile devices, which is better than the previous year of 10.8 units. Talking about the market share, the company has been performing well and has the figure of 2.2 % both in the last and the current year.

7). Lenovo

This company is one of the biggest names in the hardware sector in China, which is also into mobile technology. The company has sold out more than 10.9 million handsets all over the world and the market share seems to have gone up to 2.5 percent, which is much better than the 2012 year.

Final word

In mobile technology, there are several players stealing the show. However, in terms of a company’s performance, the above is the list of top seven companies that are into mobile technology.


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