Download Wondershare Time Freeze for Free

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Wondershare Time Freeze, similar to  Returnil Virtual System creates a virtual environment for your OS, on which you run your applications and perform online activities. By this way, the actual system is under protection and will never be infected by viruses, malware, Trojans and other malicious threats.

Normally  Wondershare Time Freeze costs around $39 but currently they are offering the fullversion for free.

About Wondershare Time Freeze:

Wondershare Time Freeze is an easy and effective protection tool  to keep your computer safe from viruses, spyware, Trojans and other malicious threats. It puts the actual system under protection and creates a virtual system, on which you run applications and surf the internet. All traces and malicious threats will disappear after reboot. You can also save changes to the actual system


  • Easy & effective system protection tool
  • Creates a virtual system and puts actual system under protection
  • Prevent threats of viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans
  • Eliminate costs for routine system maintenance
  • Surf internet safely, and play around with computer with NO trace left
  • Easy switch between virtual system and actual system
  • Protect your privacy effectively
  • Reboot to restore your system to its original state

  • My view: In short it will run apps in virtual environment, so no effect to your physical OS from viruses e.t.c.

      Two points you must consider before you look in this offer:

    1. Wondershare website has poor WOT rating.
    2. At the time of writing this post below Wondershare Time Freeze site links are showing 403 error.

    So you can check the free offer in main or Homepage


    How to get this for free?

    • Visit this web page, then enter your Name & email ID to get your free license code
    • or

    • Use below license code , as they are sending same key to all users
    • Licensed E-mail : your email ID

    • Download the installation file from here
    • Install it, enter above License code and click Register button


    1. I agree with you, Licheez.
      I have downloaded programs from two Wondershare websites: and the free keycode is offered), there is no bad things there, phishing or virus, etc. Wot is now reliable.