Wondershare Time Freeze 2.0

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On April  month Ramakanth shared a free offer of Wondershare Time Freeze v 1.0, now wondershare released Time Freeze 2.0 which arrives with a new interface along with many new features.

Wondershare Time Freeze is an easy and effective system protection tool that helps users create a virtual environment to browse the internet, run app’s and do whatever they like just as in the real system. After a computer reboot, the real system remains unchanged. That means the newly installed software, infected virus/spyware/Trojan, internet history as well as Windows running history produced on the virtual system will vanish like nothing has happened.

Wondershare Time Freeze 2.0 utilizes it’s more advanced virtualization technology and can provide higher-level security to computer, enhance MBR protection, and greatly improve the efficiency of virtual system.Also it’s more flexible to save or discard virtual system data, and you can set different mode for folder protection.

Key Features of Wondershare Time Freeze 2.0:

  • Keep system safe from threats of viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, etc.
  • Allows you to enter virtual system in 2 clicks, no need to reboot computer
  • Easy system restore and recovery to remove all problems
  • Surf internet safely, and test software & game installations without fear
  • Robust MBR protection guarantees the normal startup of PC
  • It’s New protection mode greatly improves efficiency of virtual system
  • Compatible with Windows 7, XP, Vista and and Win 2000

What’s new in v2.0:

  1. Redesigned software interface
  2. Added support to 64-bit Windows 7/XP/Vista
  3. Added Physical Memory Buffer Mode to speed up virtual system performance
  4. Enhanced MBR protection to protect the boot sector of hard disk
  5. Added USB stick protection to prevent virus attack and unauthorized data copy.

To know how to use Wondershare Time Freeze, read this detail tutorial and to know more features about Wondershare Time Freeze 2.0 visit this page.

If you want test drive Wondershare Time Freeze 1.0, get it for free by visiting this page.