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Wise Hotkey Pro Full Version for Free - Quick launch any app

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Wise Hotkey Pro from Wise Cleaner is an effective and simple-to-use tool for boosting computer productivity.

With its help, users can easily set up shortcut keys or hotkey for frequently used programs, documents, and websites.

With computers now a standard part of most people’s daily lives, it’s no surprise that people are always looking for ways to maximize their productivity and enjoyment when using them.

Windows’ many shortcut options are helpful, but software like Wise Hotkey makes it even simpler to assign keys to frequently used programs, websites, and other utilities.

About Wise Hotkey Pro:

This Windows Hotkey program allows you to assign your own shortcut keys. Based on how frequently they use particular keys, users can assign custom shortcuts to frequently used programs. You can easily switch between applications with just a few keystrokes.

UI & Functioning:

As soon as a user launches this program, the streamlined and intuitive design will draw them in. The program automatically assigns shortcut keys to selected files and programs.

Using Wise Hotkey, you can program nine different shortcuts that use the [Alt] function key, and another nine that use the [Ctrl] key. We can adjust the keyboard shortcuts in a straightforward settings panel, where the active app’s icon and its corresponding shortcuts are

Wise Hotkey Pro UI

Customization :

Users have the flexibility to remove, reorganize, or add programs, directories, and URLs as needed. A simple click of the X in the corner to the top right will delete your creations.

Click the plus sign to create a new app, folder, or website, or to edit an existing one. Wise Hotkey takes between three and five seconds to scan your computer for available programs the first time you use it after clicking the “+” symbol. The longer you spend searching through the various apps on your device, the more difficult it is to find the file you need.

It will then present you with a list of installed programs, directories, and websites. It’s also a good place for users to enter the app’s name or other identifying information to find it more quickly.

To include a program, directory, or URL that isn’t already included, use the large “Add” button at the bottom of the window. In addition, Wise Hotkey facilitates rapid access to network folders.

Get Wise Hotkey Pro for Free:

Download the Wise Hotkey Pro software (v1.2.8.58) either from this link or from this link [3 MB].

Install the pre-activated software after you’ve downloaded it. Launch the program, and you’re done. Utilize the full version, there’s no need for a license key.