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WinZip Courier is an compression application for E-mailwhich seamlessly integrates with your email to automatically zip and send the files that you attach to your email.With state-of-the-art file compression and encryption technology, WinZip Courier delivers the power of WinZip where it’s needed most—your email system.

This easy-to-use tool seamlessly integrates with your email application to automatically zip and protect outgoing files as you work. With this app you can Zip, encrypt, and safely deliver large files without skipping a beat.Simply write an email, attach as many files as you need, and click Send—Courier will take care of the rest.

For many of us, emailing files to coworkers, family and friends is a regular part of our day. We often need to send large file attachments via email—files such as side-show presentations, image-heavy documents, family photo albums and confidential forms.

Because of the restrictions of email, you may often encounter issues associated with sharing such files, including:

  • delayed delivery
  • blocked or bounced emails
  • congested network links
  • mailbox overloading
  • increased security risks

WinZip Courier makes it easy to zip (compress) the documents and other files that you attach to Microsoft Outlook. Zipping attachments saves transmission time and disk storage for both the sender and receiver of the e-mail.  WinZip Courier also allows you to send large files easily using the ZipSend file delivery service to anybody.

WinZip Courier helps you from within your Microsoft Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel), from within Outlook, and even from within Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox. From Outlook, you can zip any attachment in a variety of different ways.  From your Office products, you can instantly zip and e-mail any document on which you are working or save the file as a Zip file.  From Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox, when you attach files to your emails in Hotmail, Gmail, and/or Yahoo! Mail, WinZip Courier will automatically zip your attachments.

WinZip Courier is highly configurable and allows you to control exactly how it operates. You determine how the zipped attachments will be named, whether or not they are encrypted, the encryption method, and the compression method. In Outlook you determine which attachments are zipped, as well as how and when they are zipped.  You also determine when and if to use the ZipSend service to deliver your attachments.

Key Features of  WinZip Courier:

  • Zip email attachments automatically.
  • Before sending Password-protect confidential files or email attachments with 128-bit of 256-bit AES encryption
  • Browse and open zipped email attachments in the Microsoft® Outlook® preview pane
  • Enjoy seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft® Office and webmail systems.
  • Realize significant savings and streamlined administration with Courier’s enterprise support.
  • Resize, zip, and email hundreds of image attachments in one simple step.
  • Freedom from file size limits :with Zipsend,Send up to 2GB of files without the hassles associated with oversized email attachments

WinZip Courier Free License :

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