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WinToHDD Pro Free License - Clone or Install Windows Without DVD or USB

WinToHDD Professional

If you find yourself in need of installing or reinstalling Windows but lack the original disc or a CD/DVD drive, WinToHDD comes to the rescue.

This remarkable tool enables you to install the operating system using an ISO, WIM, or ESD image file (which you must provide) or clone Windows onto a new drive.

Additionally, WinToHDD allows you to create a USB flash drive capable of installing various editions of Microsoft’s operating system.

In its latest version, WinToHDD introduces the ability to hot-clone Windows without requiring a restart of the source computer. This feature makes migrating a hard disk or partition to a new PC a breeze. Moreover, the program ensures secure wiping of the source drive once the process is complete.

WinToHDD Pro Interface

Key Features:

Overall, WinToHDD Pro is an invaluable tool for hassle-free installation, reinstallation, and cloning of Windows 11, as well as Windows 10/8/7/Vista/2016/2012/2008, all without the need for a CD/DVD/USB drive.


Get WinToHDD Professional for free:

Obtain the installer or setup file for WinToHDD v6.0.2 (free version) from the developer page.

Execute the installer and follow the installation process to its completion.

Initiate the Hasleo WinToHDD software. Within the main window of the application, click on “About” and choose the option to activate the license.

Then, input the license code provided below.

Please note that this 1-year license code does not include complimentary technical support and upgrades.

To activate the Pro version, simply click on the “Register” button and close the application.

That’s all! You can now launch the application and enjoy the Pro version at no cost.

WinToHDD Pro License Code



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