Winpilot 3.5: Your Guide to a Bloat-Free Windows 11

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Introducing Winpilot 3.5, the newest version of the widely used debloater for Windows 11. Get ready to clean up your machine and optimize your system with its help.

Originally developed by Belim as Bloatynosy, Winpilot is now a package of plugins that can optimize Windows settings, eliminate unnecessary programs, optimize system and game presets, handle complex debloating, and more.

Winpilot: The Next Chapter of Bloatynosy

This is the next instalment of Bloatynosy’s narrative. The app now features dozens of enhancements thanks to the internal redesign.

Clippy, the adored Microsoft Office Assistant, takes centre stage in the new edition, which has a vintage vibe and an assistant-like layout. The primary goal is to debloat and personalise the system in three or four steps.

Debloat Windows 11:

“Debloating” means deleting the operating system’s pre-installed features and apps that aren’t needed or used.

Debloating increases system efficiency and saves up disc space by disabling these functions.

You can “debloat” your Windows 11 PC with the help of Winpilot. The app’s smooth, user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use.

With only four easy steps, you can personalize and debloat your Windows 10 or 11 system with the help of the “Stargate” feature, an improvement over the “Assist Me” function.

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The software comes with several useful plugins that expand its capabilities. An add-on for tweaking your system, privacy, and gameplay settings is called CoTweaker. Decrapify takes care of advanced debloating and uninstalls app annoyances. You can download certain essential apps via WingetUI and find and remove AI/Copilot elements from Windows with Copilotless.

How to Use Winpilot?

  1. Visit the official GitHub site ( to download the app.
  2. The tool is portable and doesn’t need installation. Extract the zip file and run Winpilot.exe.
  3. The program will check your system and provides debloating recommendations based on its findings.
  4. Read the recommendations and select the ones you wish to implement.
  5. The debloating process will be taken care of.

The app provides an easy, nearly automatic, method. The chat window also gives you the option to type in questions, queries, or keywords for instantaneous results.

If you need to look at Windows updates for example, you can just type “Check Windows updates” or any equivalent term and get the same result.

Conclusion: A Leaner, More Efficient Windows 11

Winpilot 3.5 is a good choice for optimizing your Windows 11 PC. By removing unnecessary bloat and redundancy, its user-friendly interface and robust features enhance system speed, guaranteeing seamless operation.

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