Winners of Twister Anti-TrojanVirus Giveaway

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Here I am after a long gap. How are you all?


The winners of Twister Anti-TrojanVirus Giveaway have been selected and can be seen below (first 120). I will mail all of them their license code shortly. Please bear in mind that sending 120 licenses may not be that faster.. 🙂



Finished sending all the 120 licenses.. 🙂


Congrats to all 120 winners. Have a nice day.


Edit: One email address have been counted twice in the list. So 121st candidate will also get a license.



Finished sending all the 120 licenses..  🙂


  1. I won! Great! I read many reviews about this antivirus they all say it’s very good. Thank you dear Sujay!

  2. Thanks for the free license key Sujay. I’m going to try this one out and share my review and honest conclusion on your previous article.

  3. Hi Sujay
    Thought I saw my name on the list but have not received a key.

    If I am wrong sorry.


    1. Hi, you indeed have won a license and I have sent your license. Please check your spam folder or mail me (sujay[at] another email address because this email address might have problems with gmail.
      P.S: I have resent it again.

  4. Thanks for the license! Just to confirm – your email states “There is no shelf life of the license. This means you can activate it any time”, and your article says “It supports only 32 bit windows. 64 bit support will be there in coming v8”- so can I save this license until version 8 is released (for 64 bit windows; I have win7 64bit) and does Filseclab have any estimate when version 8 will be released?

    1. Hi Bill, you are welcome! Surely you can reserve the license until v8. v8 is a long overdue and I have no idea about its release. We can just hope for the soonest.

      1. Thank You for the reply. It’s good to know I can wait & use this app on my 64 bit win 7. I have no problem waiting, since I have licenses for other very good security softwares, but i look forward to trying Twister to see if it can provide reliable protection without slowing web browsing, videos, and games. Thanks again for the license and for your excellent blog.

  5. I won the license but i did not receive license please send my license
    Thanks for giveaway

    1. I have resent your code. If you do not receive now too. Check your junk/spam folder and send me a mail sujay[at]

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