Winners of Kaspersky Giveaway Contenst

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Winners of kaspersky contenst

Above is the list of 26 lucky winners of our 2nd Giveaway contest generated with the help,we Congratulate above winners and thanks to those participants for participating in our giveaway offer.

We will send a reminder email    to above winners and they should send conformational email (write something),on receiving the conformation email we will send License code to the winners
Attention: Please activate  those keys before they are blocked.
Note: The numbers (eg: 30,1) beside your email address is the date that you subscribed our blog feed via email

  1. I suggest you pixelate (or blur out) then ending of the emails EX: Just for the person’s privacy.

  2. Awesome! ha ha so do I win a prize for suggesting and making something new to this post?:) Okay…maybe not…but still;)

    1. @bisztran.zsolt: Check your email-Inbox,some how we missed your email. Also actiavate the key today itself.Kaspersky started blocking keys

  3. Man i havnt got a key and i was the winner………plz be on ur words man…………………i was the winner………..sorry but i should have been given a key