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WINner Tweak 3 Pro is a Windows optimization and tuning suite helps to boost the overall performance of your windows system, now you can get $20.95 (€17) worth license of WINner Tweak 3 Pro for free.

Actually WINner Tweak 3 is a combination of several utilities for tweaking the Windows OS and enhance the performance of your computer, you can find a hell of a lot tools in this one software. If you want to customize the desktop, desktop icons, taskbar, windows startup and folder location, this suite will help you a lot.

The software also has powerful utilities or tools like Disk cleaner, Registry healer (cleaner), apps unistaller, password generator, Auto shutdown.. e. t. C to keep your PC clean, fast and secure. Further you can set the password to control the access to the WINner Tweak.

WINner Tweak 3 Pro UI :

Winner Tweak has a different user interface when compared to other system tunning Utilites, I think it has a clean UI, although beginners will take time to get accustomed with it. When you launch the app’s home screen (windows), I think first you eyes will catch the System information dialog on the right side, where you will notice the CPU usage fluticating and on the right side you can see the info about the BIOS,hard disk and Windows information.

WINner Tweak 3

Next on the left side you can see Welcome message, below it you will notice four arrow buttons : System Tune-up, Power utilities, options and Automatic update.

Clicking on the ‘System Tune-up’, you will notice several tools to manage hundreds of windows OS settings and options. WINer Tweak Wizards will provide a step-by-step guide you through tweaks that can help you boost Windows performance and adjust security settings. Not only tweaks, this module provides tools to backup your system configuration to prevent crashes.

If you are a beginner you can get the help of wizards, there are two wizards : 1. Windows Performance Booster 2. Security and Privacy Adjuster. Beginners can use these wizards for quick and safe Tweaking. Professional users can find 5 categories in the left panel : Windows, hardware, security, network, software and Advanced. These categories contain tools for the designed function or optimization. If you want to exit from this module, you will find the power off icon on the left panel, for closing this module click on “Close Tune-up center”.

Now clicking on ‘Power utilities’ button, you will notice 5 tasks listed in the right side window. These tasks include : Make your PC clean and faster, handle Windows startup and uninstall, Manage Internet explore cache, create highly secure passwords and securely destroy private files, backup most windows settings, mange Auto Shutdown and Pseudo disk. You can utilize these tasks or just use the categories on the left side according to your need.

The software doesn’t support Windows 8 or 8.1, it works well on Windows 7/ Vista / XP / 2003 / 2008.

My View :

WINner Tweak 3 is a comprehensive toolkit that will allow you to modify the innermost settings and customize your Windows operating system.It has an attractive interface, where you have the different configuration options classified in various categories: Windows, Hardware, Software, Network and Security.

My suggestion is as it’s a Powerful tweaking suite, you must first understand the use of tweaks or certain functions before performing them, otherwise you may experience windows crashes etc..

WINner Tweak 3 Pro free License:

WINner Tweak



WINner Tweak 3 pro license

Normally a one year license of WINner Tweak 3 Pro version will cost $20.95, but the developer ‘Smart Tools’ on its webpage released the license of this software and said it’s free. Interested users can avail this opportunity by following below information.

Download : WINner Tweak v3.9.5

WINner Tweak 3 Pro License/ unlock code : LYJ92NP6PZ

You can even notice the license code provide on the developer’s webpage.Install it the app and along with  your name, use above activation code to unlock the trail and activate the full version.

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