WinMetro :Get Metro look on Windows 7

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WinMetro is a freeware, that allows you to transform Windows 7 UI to newly introduced windows 8 user interface “Metro”, WinMetro is designed by Iobit to utilize Windows 8 Metro UI on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7,vista and XP.In other words, you can enjoy the benefits of the Metro user interface even if you do not run Windows 8 – you still get the full-screen image viewer, the stock information or the weather forecast.

This software provides on an easy solution for old version Windows users to try and enjoy the tile based Metro UI.By displaying useful information such as weather, calendar, news, stocks, and frequently used programs, it turns your desktop into an informative and productive work station. It also offers the option to boot to Metro Start Screen directly.

On installing WinMetro on windows 7, you will get a Start Screen and a side (charm) bar.The start screen looks exactly like windows 8,by default the start screen will be launched on every system start and the screen has popular app tiles such as weather, finance and calendar; news; maps; Bing search; and Facebook and Twitter.

Users can switch back to their old desktop UI with short cut Windows+X and switch back to windows 8 start screen with same short cut.However the UI still lacks several features of widows 8, such as unable to edit app tiles or remove tiles or shortcuts on the Start screen.

Coming to side bar or charms bar, just like windows 8, when you move your mouse lower right corner of the start screen, you can access charms bar.The Charms Bar offers options to search, to load the Start screen interface or the settings.Also you can use short cut “Windows+C” for charms bar.

Key features of WinMetro:

  • You can now get widgets that lively display useful information in real time, such as weather forecast, calendar, news, stocks and more.
  • Access to the most frequently used system tools and recently opened programs becomes easier and faster, saving time during working or surfing.
  • Exact matching in specific path searching decreases the time taken in searching and makes your work more efficient.
  • By clicking the bottom left corner or using hot key, you can easily switch between Metro and Desktop Interface depending on your preference.
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP


Download: WinMetro ( 6.0 MB)