WinJa : Must have Extra Security tool

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Winja is an advanced uploader for  ‘VirusTotal’, a free  Multi-Antivirus Engine Scanner from Google. This free and nifty security tool is available for Windows users and provides the second opinion on suspicious files.

No security software is 100 percent foolproof, so a second opinion is always useful, particularly if you’re not sure whether a  file you downloaded is malicious or not.

Winja doesn’t just give you a second opinion, it gives you more than 50. With the ‘browse for file’ option, select the file you want to scan, then by using VirusTotal API  it uploads and scans your file with multiple antivirus engines, including big names such as Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Sophos, and Norton.


Also, with this program you can safely download any file from the internet, you need to worry whether the file is genuine or malware.

Just provide the URL/link of the file to this program, it will download and save the file with a harmless file extension (*.danger) , then the file will be scanned with over 50 antivirus engines and it will let you know whether the file is safe or not.

Another key feature of the program is ‘Process Scan’, with this you scan the current process running on your system and know whether a certain process is malicious or not.

winja virustotal uploader

For advanced users, the security software also offers extra tools to look for malware underneath the system, this includes Process viewer, Task Scheduler, Windows Startup & Registered services.

Winja is the short form of Windows Ninja and this tool is a successor of famous Phrozen VirusTotal Uploader. According to the developer, the program is built from scratch based on VirusTotal API’s and optimized to save time and network bandwidth.

The security has tool has a clean and user-friendly interface that is in line with Google Material design and Windows 10 design guidelines. Apart from English, the program is also available in other 5 languages ( Arabic, español/Spanish, French, Netherlands & Vietnamese).

Conclusion :

Winja can be used to complement your existing security software, but it’s not a replacement to your antivirus as the program only detects malware and doesn’t offer any solution to remove it.


Download Winja portable/full version  @ phrozensoft.coml