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WinExt Key Launcher Free License - App for Clutter free Desktop

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WinExt Key Launcher is a simple, easy-to-use Windows app designed for people who want to keep their desktops clutter-free and control all of their apps from a single location.

This is a good launcher with a panel-like interface that lets you group apps, folders, drives, and websites together so you can get to them faster.

If you’re a person who can’t stand a screen full of icons and want a clean desktop with quick access to apps you use most often, then WinExt Key Launcher(WEKL) is for you.

WEKL is a smart and simple application manager that lets you launch your favorite apps, files, and websites with just a few keystrokes.

WEKL UI and Functions:
The purpose of this Windows application is not to impress visually. The UI is straightforward.

Combo menus, toolbars, and other customization options are not present. We can interact only the resource blocks with. More exactly, the slots for the apps or directories to which you wish to grant access.

WinExt Key Launcher UI

For someone who has a lot of apps installed on their computer, this tool will be very useful. It would save you both time and stress because you wouldn’t have to look through a lot of folders or icons on your desktop to find what you need.

Those who prefer not to see any icons on their desktop can set the app to start when the PC starts up. Using hotkeys or a tiny window, you can launch anything you want.

Another approach to starting processes is via hotkeys. Under each block that you make, you’ll see a lot of useful information. Clicking on one of them will let you change the combinations.

There are only two characters that can be used in the key construction. The first one should be either Ctrl or Alt, and the second one can be anything number or letter.

WEKL Features:

    • Open any apps, files, or websites with the keyboard from the same place.
    • Using just Keyboard you can open Programs or Other Files, Folders or Drives, and Web Sites or Pages.
    • Automatically Lists the Apps You’ve Installed.
    • Only two keys (Ctrl+? or Alt+?) are required to open programs, files, and directories.
    • To open different resources, you can use the same number key on both your left and right keyboards.

Get WinExt Key Launcher for Free:

First, download the WEKL installer from the developer page:[643 KB]

Install and launch the app. On the main window, click the “Key icon” and select the “Input License” option.

Next, enter the below license code and hit the “OK” button.

That’s it!

WinExt Key Launcher License