Windows Phone 7 Series, with Zune-based interface

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, at 2010 Mobile World Congress(MWC) in Barcelona officially unveiled Windows Phone 7 series, their newest mobile operating system with Zune-based interface, finally giving answer to its competitors’ touchscreen phones.

According to the company, for now it is sticking to its model of making the software and selling it to phone manufacturers, rather than making its own phones.Phones with the new software will be on the market before the holiday season 2010.


Some key points from Steve Ballmer presentation :

  1. The operating system has a new interface: same as Zune HD interface
  2. It has a “Games Hub, which integrates with Xbox Live
  3. All phones with Windows Mobile 7 will have three dedicated buttons: start, Bing search, back button
  4. It has capacitive screen, multitouch display with gestures, this Windows Mobile 7 is focused on touch screen
  5. Similar to Google’s Android,  Bing is integrated into the OS for web search, business, news, pictures, etc..
  6. The operating system supports multi-touch gestures
  7. Web browser is also improved, which is based on IE 8 with improved text rendering technology
  8. The email service changed to Outlook.
  9. The first version of Windows Phone 7 Series will not include Adobe Flash, but Ballmer said he had “no objection” to Flash support.
  10. Facebook is also integrated which introduces “People hub”, a social networking integration.
  11. Other hubs include “office,” features functions for note-taking and synchronizing documents with a PC and “music+video,” which synchronizes songs and videos with its desktop Zune jukebox and music store software.

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