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Windows Phone 7.8 Leaked for Nokia Lumia 800 & Lumia 510

Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 510 phones are expected to get the Windows  phone 7.8 update  next year, but it seems  a leaked version of WP 7.8 ( for Lumia 800 (RM-801) and Lumia 510 (RM-889) is available through Navifirm.

Navifirm is a free windows utility developed by Symbian Toys, which allows you to download the latest Nokia firmware files on your computer. Microsoft, through it’s official blog conformed that Windows Phone 7.8 is going to be arriving in “early 2013”, but the company didn’t revealed any date about the availability of the update.

Folks at MyNokiaBlog has managed to update the both devices to WP 7.8 and revealed the features  available in the update.According to them, the following features are availabe in the  leaked copy of  WP 7.8:

How to  install Windows Phone 7.8 Leaked update on Nokia Lumia 800 & 510 ?

People who are brave enough to install the unofficial update,can follow below steps to install WP 7.8 on your phone,but I’m not repsonsibel if your brick your device.

Tools Required:
1.Nokia Care Suite
2.NaviFirm Plus

First install Nokia care suite and install USB drives according to your windows system,navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Drivers and run the “WinUSB Drivers x64.msi” or if you have a 32bit version of windows, “WinUSB Drivers x86.msi”.

Windows Phone 7.8  for nokai lumia 800

Next download the Firmware needed (according to your device model and country) from Navifirm. For Lumia 800 the firmware version will be “1750.823.8858.12460.” and for Lumia 510 the firmware version will be “1102.0.8858.12460”.

1.Now launch Nokia Care Suite and open Product Support Tool.
2. Disconnect phone from the computer and Turn the phone off
3.Select No connection from the connection drop-down menu.
4.From File menu select Open Product.
5.Search for 800 and click Open. RM-803
6. Now connect the phone with it tunred off, it will restart and be detected by the care suite
7.Next copy the the files you downloaded from Navifirm to C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products\rm-801
Note: create a folder called rm-801 if its not there
8.Now rename the product codes of .dcp / .bin / vpl files to match your device code found on the right of nokia care suite product support tool.

For example:
GB Windows Variant Product code: “059L7C2”
Orange GB Branded product code: “059L7C6”
9.Now, in support tool, click on the cube at the bottom of the window on the right hand side and select “rescan data packages”,if all was successful, the cube should become green and we are now ready to flash.
10.To flash the firmware: in the Support Tool, on the left, choose the Programming tab and Choose Refurbish,then select Start.

wp 7.8 for lumia 800
Note: During a flash, your phone will re-boot several times. This process may take 10 minutes or , be patient. Do not unplug the phone until its completed.

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