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Windows Live Essentials: A pack of essential software from Microsoft

Windows live essentials
Believe it or not, Microsoft is developing, at last, yesterday (Dec 16) it updated a pack of (worth) most essential programs of its Live Suite.

The Windows Live betas we’ve been playing with for a while now have just received another refresh. As of today, the page at has been updated with a new set of betas, now called the “Windows Live Essentials.” Here, you’ll find the latest versions of Messenger, Mail, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Writer, Toolbar, and Family Safety, as well as additional programs like the Microsoft Office Outlook Connector, the Office Live Add-in and Microsoft Silverlight. All the programs are available via one installer that lets you choose which programs you want installed or not installed.

Live your entire suite (except the successor of Movie Maker) is very well designed.Why? Because Microsoft seems to have finally come to realize  that a  good application task is not only to meet it’s sbasic needs by  simply performing  the task for which it was scheduled, but also show a user interface simple to understand and, in the case a suite of applications, to show a unified interface between the different programs.

The new Windows Live programs, that are released previously, met this goal quite well. There are a number of free applications “essential” to our PC.
As you know, Windows has a major flaws Compared to its competitors (Linux, Mac), and that is that we have basic applications for common tasks, but they were very poor. Microsoft is planning to remedy this with Windows Live and the recent integration with to bring everything online and in sync, they do so, perhaps, one of the most interesting for 2009.

But today, we’ll talk about Live Essentials is a pack created by Microsoft, with the most essential programs of its Live Suite.


As you can see in the picture, you will find programs for:

* Emails (with Windows Mail, which is quite good) and Instant Messaging (MSN Messenger)
* Blogging, with my favorite application, Windows Live Writer (which has been updated!)
* Photos with Photo Gallery, a simple and effective implementation
* Security in Navigation, with annoying toolbar for Internet Explorer

. It is not yet a final version, but you probably do not have more versions, until the departure of the “final” truth, as most bugs have been fixed.

If you use Windows, the you should give try to Live program. While this has not been the year for Microsoft, with a view to generate more hatred than ever (which is forcing the launch of Windows 7 before time), if there is anything salvageable from what the company has done this year (in addition to the Vista SP1), you have this suite of applications that frankly, quite improve the experience on Windows.

Download Windows Live Essentials

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