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Ethical hackers in the modern day need to be proficient in the Windows command line. “Windows Command Mastery for Ethical Hackers” is a great course on Udemy that teaches you all you need to know about the CMD and how to use it effectively.

For a limited time, you can get this video course—normally priced at $9.99—for free.

About Windows Command Mastery for Ethical Hackers:

Ethical hacker and cybersecurity trainer Twinkle Sharma created this course to teach ethical hackers the fundamentals of command-line administration for Windows systems.

Learn how to use the Windows command line with ease with the help of the “Windows Command Mastery for Ethical Hackers” curriculum.

This course will provide you with the groundwork you need to succeed by going over the fundamentals of file navigation, process management, networking, and security.

Main Ideas Covered in this Course include:

  • Learn the ins and outs of ethical hacking, file manipulation, and command-line operations.
  • Learn the fundamentals of the Windows command line and how to use it effectively, as well as advanced strategies for faster navigation.

Contents of Windows Command Mastery for Ethical Hackers Course:

Learn the ins and outs of CMD’s basic features and advanced techniques designed for ethical hacking in 14 in-depth lectures.

First Lesson: CMD Overview

Learn everything you need to know about CMD, including its features and capabilities.

Second Lesson: Personalizing CMD

A dive into personalization reveals the secret to changing text color.

Third Lesson: Personalizing Prompts

Learn about prompt customization to make command-line interactions more efficient and tailored to your needs.

Lessons 4 and 5: Essential Commands

Includes basic navigation commands (DIR), as well as essential commands (Help, CLS, Start, Exit, etc.).

Lesson 6: Creating Files and Directories

Acquire more knowledge about Echo, file creation, and directory formation.

Lectures 7 and 8: Techniques for Manipulating Files

Find out how to rename, move, remove folders, and delete files, among other file manipulation procedures.

Lectures 9 to 13: Advanced Techniques

Find out how to change the date and time, hide or reveal folders, make shutdown shortcuts, and get wireless network passwords, among other networking commands.

Lecture 14: Additional Commands

This course concludes by delving further into other commands, which will enhance your knowledge of the Windows Command Line.

How to get this Udemy Course for Free?

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You can view this 30-minute video course on any device—TV, computer, or mobile—and it’s completely free. After you finish the course and meet all the requirements, Udemy will give you a certificate.

Windows Command Mastery for Ethical Hackers Udemy Video Course Coupon


If you want to become an ethical hacker, this course will teach you the ins and outs of the Windows Command Line so you can secure sensitive data, navigate Windows environments efficiently, and execute commands precisely.

Anyone interested in learning the basics of information technology or improving their abilities for ethical hacking projects should take this Udemy course.