Install Windows 8 on Samsung Series 7 Slate

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Do you have Samsung Series 7 slate, that comes pre-loaded with Windows 7 and want to install windows 8 on your device, but experienced many issues while trying to install the news OS,since Samsung hadn’t released any official drivers.

But here is a good news for you, Samsung  today released Windows 8 compatible drivers for all Samsung Series 7 Slates and posted an official guide to getting the Windows 8 Consumer Preview working on the Samsung Series 7 Slate PC. The guide includes the necessary drivers for getting the screen rotation working appropriately.

Samsung announced back in September, the Series 7 Slate would be one of the first PCs ,which would support an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8.
Many had purchased the Slate just for Windows 8, and were turned down by the lack of driver support.Now Samsung released official drivers , which will enable your device to work properly with Windows 8.

So if you want to install windows 8 consumer preview on your series 7 slate, then visit this Samsung dedicated page, which includes an installation guide, back and restore guidance as well as drivers for the touch screen and rotation sensor.
Note : On Feb 29th Microsoft announced the Public availability of Windows 8 Consumer preview, which is a pre-release BETA operating system.So if something goes wrong, don’t bother calling Samsung customer service.