Windows 8 Logon Screen for Windows 7

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Although there is a lot of news about Windows 8 build leaks, I was kept away from posting these news on Techno360 as I think it is useless for normal windows users until a Public beta is released.

But yesterday this Windows 8 feature attracted me, the new feature displays the date and time right on the Windows 8 logon screen. Paras Sidhu , a windows Enthusiast released an application that applies this new feature for windows 7.

Windows 8 Logon screen

The application is called “Windows 8 Logon”, which brings windows 8 like logon screen on your windows 7/vista. After installing the application, it will show you a transparent logon screen with user picture, edition name, date, time and login box.

How to use  the Windows 8 Logon app:
  1. Run “Win8Logon (Beta).exe”
  2. Enter Username in Username Text Box.
  3. Restart your PC.
Second Way-
  1. Copy “Win8Logon (Beta).exe”
  2. Replace it with “logonui.exe” System file.
  3. Restart your PC.


The application is in beta stage and it may create bugs on your system, so I suggest interested users to create a system restore point or system image backup before installing the app. The application is compatible with 32 bit & 64 bit of Windows 7/vista. Also a “How to use” Text file is also included along with app in below download link.

Download :Windows 8 Logon[190 KB]

[Update] : Now download link is working