Windows 8 Build 7850 leaked

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In my previous post I mentioned that for past few days several details of next version of Windows ‘Windows 8’ has being leaked. Now Windows 8 Milestone 1 build 7850 leaked and being distributed on FTPs and file sharing sites.


The build that has leaked is 6.1.7850.0.winmain_win8m1.100922-1508_x86fre_client-enterprise_en-us.iso (2.45 GB) and is the final M1 and the last 6.1 build.

An anonymous posted Windows 8 Milestone 1 build 7850 to Betaarchive private FTP site. Currently the leaked build is available on private FTP sites and it will be soon shared to public torrents in a few hours.

This leaked build is an early sample of Windows 8 compiled in late September, so it will be more or less like Windows 7. Windows 8 beta is expected to be released by this September.



[via Neowin]

  1. Hi Rama,
    I am expecting your experience on Windows 8. Would you tell us more about it? We will highly appreciate if you can provide few snaps with what you feel.

    1. That means Ramakanth has to go through all the trouble of downloading & testing an unstable OS. I think this news is meant for someone else who loves messing with beta and untested applications e.g. Windows enthususats & hackers.

  2. @ perti:

    As the build is compiled in September, to install it we must turn BIOS clocks back. So I’m not daring to test it even on my desktop.But interested people can install it On VMware Virtual Machine, which is safe method.