Windows 8 for IT Pros Free ebook

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Windows 8 has gone viral, Microsoft is pushing the new operating system  aggressively with print and regional tv ads.Also Microsoft is spreading the new OS with the help of ebooks, recently the Redmond company  released a new FREE preview e-Book for IT professionals: Introducing Windows 8 – An Overview for IT Professionals.

The eBook  is a great way to get quickly up-to-speed on all the new improvements in this latest Windows release.  In addition to a re-imagined user interface that provides an immersive experience across touch, pen, keyboard and mouse inputs, Windows 8 also includes significant updates across hardware support, management, security, networking, storage, virtualization, deployment, and recovery – all areas that are critically important to IT Pros!

In this 147-page eBook, you’ll find 11 chapters of detailed technical content covering key improvements such as the new hardware innovations, customization and configuration tips, networking enhancements, deployment of the new operating system, apps, recovery, management, Internet Explorer 10, security and several other subjects.

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