Windows 8 For Dummies eBook For Free

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Windows 8 For Dummies eBook: Windows 8 was released on last Friday  and you may heard that some people are saying that the new OS is not good for desktop users, and some people are saying that this the best OS from Microsoft, these statements may push in dilemma whether to upgrade to the new OS or use your good old windows 7.

But Microsoft reported that ,the company has already sold four million Windows 8 software upgrades.Along with enhanced management, data access and security features, Windows 8 was designed to be intuitive. Even so, using a new OS inevitably means learning some new tricks.

I think new doesn’t have to be scary, so  if you want to know the good and bad of  Windows 8, before purchasing it , then you must read this ebook called “Windows 8 For Dummies” published by Wiley.

The 147-page eBook  divided to 7 chapters written by Andy Rathbone  in plain English ,covers all aspects of  the new Windows OS, from  new Start Screen to Windows Apps Store to Desktop mode.

Windows 8 For Dummies eBook Table of Contents :

Chapter 1:       The New Start screen

Chapter 2:       The Traditional desktop

Chapter 3:       Storage: Internal, External, and in the Sky

Chapter 4:       Working with Apps

Chapter 5:       Engaging the Social Apps

Chapter 6:       Getting Connected and Having fun through the Start Screen

Chapter 7 :      Ten things you’ll Hate about Windows 8 (And how to fix them)

Whether you’re running Windows 8 on a touchscreen device, laptop or desktop, keep this free e-book in your pocket as a quick reference guide that’s there whenever you need it.

Also dell is offering this e-book for free, to get Windows 8 For Dummies eBook For Free, just visit this dell promo page and provide details such as your name,email address, phone number and your country.

Tip: You can directly download the e-book from this link: Download Windows 8 For Dummies[10.85 MB].

Also if your from Germany , Microsoft is offering  you a 328 page ebook “Windows 8 At a Glance” by Nancy Muir for free, the book normally sells for 9.90 Euro.

I already upgraded my OS to windows 8 for RS 700 or $15 (I heard that anyone can get the promo code?) , all I can say it’s not bad  and not awesome , but it will force you to use tablet or mobile like interface on your desktop,I will share my full experience of the new OS in few days on this blog.