Windows 7 : Which Version Suits You?

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Windows 7  Which Version Suits You

I think every one know  that  the Successor of   Vista  “Windows 7” will debut on October 22 2009. Similar to Windows Vista, Microsoft is releasing the Windows 7 OS in  5  different versions.

So our idea in writing this article is to explain  the differences between these versions or editions  and make you choose the right version for you (system) needs.

Also  we already notified you about free upgradtion offer to Windows 7 ,for those who buy a new PC or Laptop with Window vista between June 26th (2009) to January 31st, 2010.

Windows 7 OS in 5 Versions:

1. Windows 7 Starter
This is a pre installed version which will not be available separately .Also Cheaper & crippled version. Provides basic Windows 7 experience

2.Windows 7 Home Basic:
This is also preinstalled version,but you can buy or available only in Developing countries (India, china). Useful for homes with basic computing needs.

3. Windows 7 Home Premium
This Edition is for average PC User which offer enough features to be fully equipped to serve their personal needs.It has features like Aero Glass interface (transparent theme for the desktop),Windows Media Center (media management)and ability burn BluRay Discs….e.t.c

4. Windows 7 Professional
This Version is suitable for companies. Ithas features like sharing of printers on the network, software to create backups and Windows XP Mode.

5. Windows 7 Ultimate
This is the Full version of the operating system, combines the features found in the Home Premium and Professional editions and will have a number of additional features/applications which aren’t known yet at this point.Suitable for Professionals

I suggest you get Ultimate only if you don’t mind paying the extra $$ it costs, otherwise stick with either Home Premium or Home Basic.

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