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Windows 7 SP1 First images

Although Microsoft not yet officially announced the existence of a service pack for it’s most successful OS Windows 7. But there is a speculation that Windows 7 SP1 will be available by June 2010 and currently it is in testing phase.

Recently a spanish website Mywindows posted a few screenshots of   Windows 7 Service Pack 1 installation and claims that they have gotten hands on Windows 7 SP 1. According to the Spanish blog the build number for the service pack is between 7600.20500 and 20700.

Update [31/05/2016] : If you are looking to download  Windows 7  / Windows 8 ISO images easily, then use this free & tiny tool called Windows ISO Downloader.

Although it didn’t revealed anything ,expect installation process of Windows 7 SP 1, which is very similar to the install process for Vista service packs . But with Windows 7 SP 1 we can expect some new features like support for the new USB 3.0 standard and some enhancements to the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi stacks.As usual there will be all hotfixes and updates released in the post-RTM period.

Also there is speculation that Microsoft is very eager to release Windows 7 SP 1 as soon as possible to raise the popularity of it’s operating system in the business sector. Because before shifting to new OS normally many businesses and companies wait for service Pack 1 which will fix all major bugs.

First images of Windows 7 SP1:

MyWindows didn’t revealed any features of Windows 7 SP 1, expect the visual show of installation process .These would be photo-shopped images or they could be real.


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