How to Check Windows 7 Energy Report

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Do you want know whether your current Windows 7 power-management settings on your laptop are efficient and allows longer battery life.

There is a built in feature in windows 7 that analyzes your computer and its devices and tells you how much energy your computer is using and allows you to trace out what process are eating your battery power.

How to Check Windows 7 Energy Report?

  1. First Click Windows “Start” button, then go to All programs—> Accessories, now Right-click on “cmd” and select “Run as administrator.”
  2. Now in Cmd prompt ,  type powercfg -energy and click enter button.
  3. It will generates a report in 60 seconds
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  5. After 60 seconds you can see a report file in the following path c:windowssystem32energy-report.html

In the analysis report , colour Pink indicates errors, yellow indicates warnings, and white indicates general information.With this report you can make adjustments to your power-plan settings.